2024/01/12 Latest News

Beauty-Stem Biomedical Teams Up With S.Y. Dao Cancer Prevention Foundation for Charitable Book Lectu

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Beauty-Stem Biomedical, founded by the esteemed Dr. Chai Chin Lin, a dual Ph.D. graduate from Michigan State University, is teaming up with the S.Y. Dao Cancer Prevention Foundation. This dynamic partnership will unveil a charitable book lecture on CD34 stem cells and immunology, co-authored by Dr. Chai Chin Lin and S.Y. Dao's President Dr. Kuan Yiao Chen, an attending doctor at Veterans General Hospital.

The highly anticipated event promises an exhilarating experience as these biomedical experts delved into cutting-edge topics related to CD34 stem cells and cancer prevention.

Dr. Chai Chin Lin, a visionary professor, has not only founded Beauty-Stem Biomedical but also co-founded Power-Stem Biomedical, showcasing a commitment to pushing scientific boundaries. Armed with a dual Ph.D. from Michigan State University, Dr. Lin brings a wealth of knowledge to the collaboration, driving innovation in the quest for an innovative oral stem cell supplement, CD34 NU-Signals, in healthcare.

Dr. Kuan Yiao Chen, President of S.Y. Dao Cancer Prevention Foundation and an attending doctor at Veterans General Hospital, is renowned for his dedication to cancer prevention and treatment. His involvement in this venture underscores the shared commitment of both organizations to improving public health outcomes.

The charitable book lecture centers on CD34 stem cells and immunology, demystifying these cutting-edge scientific concepts for a broader audience. Dr. Lin and Dr. Chen aim to make complex topics accessible, turning the lecture into a platform for knowledge-sharing while contributing to the foundation's mission of promoting healthy lifestyle choices for cancer prevention.

As anticipation builds for this momentous occasion, individuals from all walks of life are encouraged to attend, enriching their understanding of CD34 stem cells, immunology, and the vital role lifestyle choices play in cancer prevention. The collaboration between Beauty-Stem Biomedical and S.Y. Dao Cancer Prevention Foundation marks a significant step towards a healthier, more informed society, poised to combat cancer challenges through knowledge and collaboration.

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