Preventive healthcare, the most glowing star in 21th century, and Beauty-stem is one of the most advance bellwether

" Warship the mother nature, revere the humanity. Bringing your life with strength, joy and honor "

Beauty-Stem, a natural-oriented health platform co-founded by two Dr.Lin (Ph.D) who are sister and brother, contributing their knowledge and effort to who they love. Dr.Lins' mother suffered from the neuron disease, Parkinson's disease, deeply eroding her life quality and mind condition.
In order to ease her pain,Dr.Lin determinedly engaged into natural re-activating healthcare by her strong innovation energy of stem-cell, cultivated by her career as a famous biologist and college professor. With decades of research development, the patented re-activation peptide, CD34 NU CELLS®, faced the world, reverting their mother's life quality from the chronic neuron disease.

Beauty-Stem, rooted by the love of Dr.Lin, helps people live the best life with pure natural supplement proved by scientific data. Caring the health of individual, family and society with dynamic affiliate health platform.


Power-Stem bio-technology invented re-activation protein, CD34 NU CELLS®,providing intrinsic re-activating signal to bod to vitalize autologous repairment.

Beauty-stem, affiliated to Power-Stem bio-technology group company, was backed by strong R&D department including a collection of Ph.D,s MDs and college professors. By leveraging the advantage of production-marketing-research integration (PMRI), Beauty-Stem is capable to offer the most natural nutrition supplement and premium customer service to the market.

For people who cares their health and families they loved, Beauty-Stem built a dynamic affiliate health platform, considerately supporting members to earn both health and wealth on the pursuit of life quality.


Beauty-Stem's mission:

Re-activationPatented re-activation peptide, CD34 NU CELLS®, providing intrinsic re-activating signal to body to induce autologous repairment

VitalizationVitalize the life by the vigorous physical and mind conditions after the body repairment

FaithDynamic affiliate health platform, being the strongest backup of health & wealth on the pursuit of life quality