2023/11/03 Social Care

Public Welfare Caring for Tzu Chi Elderly: Beauty-Stem Biomedical Donates Comfort Pillows

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Beauty-Stem Biomedical donates comfort pillows to enhance sleep quality for 61 elderly individuals in Taipei Tzu Chi's Rui Ling Center, promoting well-being and fulfilling social responsibility

Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital's Disability Service Center held a closing ceremony and gardening inauguration at the Tzu Chi Community Rui Ling Center. Beauty-Stem Biomedical, guided by the principles of "Respect for Heaven, Love for Humanity," generously donated 61 "Adjustable Comfort Pillows" to the elderly in the community. Director Zhao of Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital expressed gratitude for the compassionate and benevolent gesture from BelleSiesta Biomedical, enhancing the sleep quality and emotional relaxation of the elderly.

Dr. Chai Chin Lin, the founder of Power-Stem Biomedical Group, stated that after extensive research, there is a significant correlation between sleep quality and age-related dementia. Assisting the elderly at the Tzu Chi Community Rui Ling Center in achieving a more comfortable sleep quality aligns with Beauty-Stem Biomedical's commitment to social responsibility and blessings.

Power-Stem Biomedical Research's exclusive multinational patent, the ADRI (Alzheimer's Disease Risk Index) early detection technology for Alzheimer's disease, is currently undergoing clinical research in collaboration with Dr. Jia-Fu Lee and Dr. Jia-Qi Chen from the Psychiatry Department at Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital. The research involves analyzing ADRI values and cellular parameters in patients with depression and extremely early-onset dementia, observing changes with the supplementation of stem cell nutrients.

In a groundbreaking development, Beauty-Stem Biomedical introduces CD34 NU-Signals, a revolutionary stem cell supplement enriched with CD34 active proteins for stem cell activation. This pioneering product marks the first of its kind, currently undergoing clinical trials in collaboration with esteemed medical institutions, including Tzu Chi Hospital. CD34 NU-Signals showcases the company's commitment to advancing healthcare through innovative solutions, aiming to unlock the potential of stem cells for therapeutic benefits. As it undergoes rigorous testing and evaluation, this supplement holds the promise of ushering in a new era in regenerative medicine, potentially transforming the landscape of healthcare for the better.

Beauty-Stem Biomedical and Tzu Chi are dedicated to caring for the physical and mental health of the elderly. Approaching it from both scientific and humanistic perspectives, they aim to assist children in making concerted efforts towards preventing dementia in their elders.