2023/10/20 Social Care

Tzu Chi Hospital and Beauty-Stem Biomedical Jointly Organized a Charity Event for Alzheimer’s Diseas


Many people consider dementia a terrifying and untreatable disease that cannot be prevented. Today, there have been significant breakthroughs in scientific research, with the key being early screening, early detection, and early prevention to delay its onset.
In response to World Alzheimer's Month, Dr. Lee Chia-Fu from the Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital's Dementia Care Center, in collaboration with Dr. Lin Chai-Ching from Power-Stem Biomedical, organized a charitable free blood testing event. This event aims to assess the risk of Alzheimer's disease using the Alzheimer's Disease Risk Index (ADRI) and the quantity of CD34 Hematopoietic Stem Cell Counts in the blood of patients suffering from depression. This assessment helps evaluate the state of brain degeneration because depression can be a risk factor for dementia and may also serve as an early symptom. Dr. Lin Chai-Ching previously discovered that severe depression patients may already show significantly elevated ADRI risk values.
Dr. Lee Chia-Fu stated that this charitable event aims to expand the services provided to outpatient depression patients, helping them to stay away from depression. By using the Six Forces (cognition, action, nutrition, vision, hearing, and depression) in combination with blood testing to assess ADRI brain degeneration risk values and CD34 Hematopoietic Stem Cell Counts, it's possible to detect the extent of brain cell degeneration in depression patients early. This, in turn, enables early intervention through individualized stem cell activation (CD34 NU-Signals), healthful diets, exercise, sleep, and mental stress relief, helping individuals regain mental and brain health vitality, thus staying away from depression and dementia.
Dr. Lin Chia-Ching, a professor and researcher in the field of stem cells for many years, has published multiple patents, scientific journals, and books, and has acquired exclusive patents for ADRI dementia risk screening technology, contributing significantly to the field of dementia. Professor Lin stated that individuals over the age of 40 should pay attention to their ADRI values and CD34 Hematopoietic Stem Cell Counts, as these are important brain indicators to be tracked annually. By reducing the causes of body inflammation, such as leaky gut, high cholesterol, obesity, and staying up late, and by enhancing the body's self-healing capacity by stem cell activation proteins, it is possible to effectively reduce ADRI values.
Dr. Lee Chia-Fu emphasized that educating the public about the relationship between ADRI values, CD34 Hematopoietic Stem Cell Counts, and depression is a way to detect and improve depression conditions early, thereby avoiding the long road to dementia in the future. Therefore, using ADRI blood testing as part of the response to World Alzheimer's Month is a socially meaningful charitable event.