2024/05/01 Important Notice

Supertides™ - Quantity Upgrade

Effective May 1, 2024, all shipments of Supertides™ will be upgraded from 14 packs/ box to 20 packs/ box in order to enhance the integrity of the two-month cycle within the Diamond package.

Consequently, the quantity of Supertides™ packs included in the existing Diamond package will change from 112 packs to 120 packs, while the total box count change from 8 to 6.

The individual retail price for a Supertides™ box will be adjusted to $95 USD / 35 PV.


自5/01/2024 起出貨之Supertides™ 將從14包/盒升級為 20包/盒。

鑽石套組內Suptertides ™ 總包數由112包增加為120包, 盒數則由8盒改為6盒。 Supertides 單盒售價調整為95 USD/ 35 PV。

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