2023/12/20 Latest News

Beauty-Stem Biomedical US Inaugurates Los Angeles Laboratory for Holistic Health Condition Testing

Highlighting a natural and safe revolution in stem cell supplementation, Beauty-Stem Biomedical introduces precision testing for blood cell conditions. The US-based natural food supplement researcher and supplier says opening the lab marks a “significant step forward in utilizing cutting-edge technology for precision testing and fostering holistic wellness.” 

The Los Angeles-based lab will advance Beauty-Stem Biomedical’s CD34 stem cells. CD34 is a surface marker found on specific cells, including hematopoietic stem cells and endothelial progenitor cells. 


These cells can differentiate into various cell types and contribute to tissue repair and regeneration.

CD34 Nu-Signals advancements
The laboratory allows consumers to access the regenerative potential of their own CD34 stem cells. Its primary focus is said to align with Beauty-Stem’s vision of promoting holistic well-being.

Its product CD34 Nu-Signals, launched earlier this year, has patented CD34 active protein and MSC exosomes. The patented micro-liposome technology encapsulates regenerative factors. The company says the approach has been proven effective in releasing mature stem cells, promoting autologous rejuvenation and enhancing immunity by numerous international research publications.

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