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January 15, 2021

Year-end party~Beauty-Stem Celebrity Night


CD34 Microcrystalline spheres of active protein

Patent Technology Presentation

The research result of CD34 active protein microsphere encapsulation technology has been published, and the growth technology of autologous stem cells has reached a new peak.


The affordable price and the convenience of drinking, it enabled more and more people to benefit from it and get healthier.


Such results are famous from domestic to International, can be called the light of Taiwan!


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  • CD34 Titbits of patented technology presentation of active protein microspheres

CD34 MV of patented technology presentation of active protein microspheres

The First Presidents Summit Review

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Video 2: Evening Party Welcome

Video 3: Group Photo Time

Beauty-Stem First President Summit

Beauty Stem biomedical Co., Ltd. is a top regenerative medicine biotech company, and the product “Active Protein Efficient Nutritional Supplement Health Drink” has been marketed for 4 months, and the sales volume has reached 70 million dollars, which has shocked the industry.

To encourage members’ morale and to give back to them, the company held a commendation meeting at Shangrila Boutique Hotel in Yilan on August 16 and visited the R&D factory in Yilan on the next day.

Several members who earned a million dollars a month were recognized during the event, and a million dollars in cash was generously offered for the lucky draw, making the atmosphere very exciting for the members. Beauty Stem made an outstanding result in today’s global economic recession. With its cutting-edge biomedical technology and industry-leading incentive system, Beauty Stem has made a number of millionaires in just four months.

Beauty Stem, an industry superstar, has been born. With our belief in ” Revere Heaven and Love People”, we are a sustainable health enterprise that assists members who have the same philosophy as us.

Now, we invite you to join Beauty Stem to change your destiny, reverse your youth and wealth.

To be healthy and enjoy wealth

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10F., No. 102, Zhouzi St., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114684 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)