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Origin of Establishment

With fast innovation of medical technology, human life span is gradually extended. In view of the global ageing society, and Taiwan is one of the world’s fastest aging economic entities. According to the research of National Development Council Population Projections, in 2018, the average lifetime of men and women was 77 and 84 in Taiwan. Just as important as living longer is living with happiness, healthy and dignified, which is the most important subject today.

Beauty-Stem was a platform co-founded by two Dr.Lin, who are sister and brother. While they reached middle age, they both achieved academic excellence and were busy at work, their mother suffered from Parkinson’s disease. Their mother had only 10 years left to live with the disease, the elder sister (Dr.Lin) felt what she learned was limited, unable to improve her mother’s rapidly deteriorating condition. So she engaged in stem cell biomedical research in the hope of extending the life of their mother. After more than ten years’ effort, with the support of her brother (Dr. Lin) along the way, she finally developed very safe and effective health food. Help to improve their mother’s physical discomfort, but also gave her life with quality and happiness.

After more than 15 years of taking care, their mother is still living happily. So, the younger brother decided to build a commercial platform, hoping to improve the health and economy of more family members. With the joint efforts of them to create Beauty-Stem, which aims to provide high quality products with high biotechnology research and development, and a career system with unlimited potential, regardless of class. They hope win-win co-operation to create a health platform and benefit people.

Company Vision and Mission

The source health products promoted by Beauty-Stem are aimed at providing cellular nutrition and energy. It supports the production of a constant flow of positive energy and health. This is an innovation that Dr. Lin has been working on for years to improve the health of mothers. Combined with the strong lineup of top doctors, famous doctors and university professors. Through continuous innovation, research and experiment, it has finally opened the gate of precise prevention biomedicine-cell nutrition field.

Through biomedical technology to lead the production and manufacturing, marketing and packaging, brand building, quality control, and the establishment of “integrated production and sales, green and non-toxic” high-tech products, providing the most natural and high-quality products to serving everyone.

To enable everyone to share happiness and make life more quality and meaningful; Beauty-Stem has established a very fair and reasonable sharing mechanism to help everyone stand on top of the huge research and development energy, which can save a lot of time, money and energy in groping. With a small amount of effort to create a great business, Beauty-Stem will educate health knowledge and teach the proper way to create wealth quickly, so that we can achieve the dream of millions of dollars. The opportunity of a lifetime to quickly and precisely empower people with health, wealth, and positive energy for a sustainable business.

Business Philosophy

Beauty-Stem upholds three major philosophies: “new life”, “vitality” and “self-confidence”, hoping to gather friends who have the same philosophy and work together to create the value of life:

New Life: with the high-tech newborn cell nutrition products provided by our professional R&D team, we guide people towards a healthy and happy life.

Vitality: to build a healthier body, a successful business, and an energetic life.

Trust yourself: no distinction between classes, inspire everyone’s potential as a leader, create personal achievement value. You can build a flexible and autonomous personal business without the need for strong assets. The most important step to change your life is to believe that your ability, judgment and choice will bring infinite positive energy. Trust yourself will bring you a lot of good fortune, wealth and spirituality.