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The exclamation point of life.
Two Dr. Lin join hands to create a health business platform.

Beauty-Stem was a health business platform co-founded by two Dr. Lin, who are siblings. With their willingness to share and help others, they hope to introduce quality research and development products to more people through the platform, and also to take care of the health of their family and friends. By willingly sharing and imparting knowledge to create wealth, they hope to achieve a win-win situation for both health and business success.

These thoughts came more than 20 years ago, when their mother, the most important person in their lives, was stricken with Parkinson’s disease, a disease that could not be repaired by medical technology at the time. When the doctor told them that the life expectancy of the disease was less than 10 years, the two filial siblings were very excited: “I can’t believe that after we have learned all, we don’t have any skill that can help our mother? ”The two filial siblings were very emotional. At that moment, the happy-go-lucky elder sister (Dr. Lin) remembered that her mother had once taught her that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” and thought, “As long as my mother is still alive, it is not too late to start. Therefore, she decided to give up her original research plan and devote herself to the field of stem cell biomedicine, which has a chance to save her mother’s life. Even though the future is uncertain, she still hopes to create a miracle. Recognizing his sister’s determination, his brother (Dr. Lin) also gathered some friends, including entrepreneurs, doctors, nutritionists, and to provide moral and research support from time to time along the way.

As the old saying goes, “filial piety moves heaven”. After many years of love and support between the two siblings, and after clinical trials by the biomedical team, they finally developed an exclusive patented and safe CD34-NuCells® Yeast Protein Extract nutrition product, which gradually improved their mother’s brain degeneration symptoms, prolonged her life journey, and gave her life with quality and happiness. Their mother is still healthy and enjoying the joy of life after almost 20 years.

In Taiwan, the aging society has gradually entered in recent years, and I believe that many people must have experienced a situation similar to ours, in order to reduce the regret of “The son wants to raise but the parents do not wait”. Both Dr. Lin decided to selflessly share their experience and founded Beauty-Stem Biomedical to provide these high-quality products, which have been developed with high technology and proven to be effective. With the professional and technological health examination service and the non-hierarchical, fair, and sustainable business system, they hope win-win co-operation to help more people and establish a health and economic business platform to spread knowledge and benefit people.

Founding Director

Dr. Loren Lin

Dr., Texas A&M University, USA
Aquarius: a spirit of love

Chairman, R&D Consultant

Dr. PS Lin

Double doctorate, Michigan State University, USA
Capricorn: with perseverance

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To enable everyone to share happiness and make life more qualitative and meaningful. Beauty-Stem has established a fair and classless entrepreneurial platform to help people save time, money and energy by standing on top of a huge R&D energy and system platform. With small efforts, we can create big business and realize the dream of benefiting people and sustainable wealth.

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